Michael Schultz


Ph.D., McGill University                               

Department of Biochemistry
Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
University of Alberta
475 Medical Sciences Building
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  T6G 2H7
Tel: 780.492.9144
Lab Tel: 780.492.9933
Fax:  780.492.0886
Lab Website
Our overall goal is to characterize various conserved regulatory mechanisms that function in eukaryotes to ensure an appropriate gene expression response to internal and external cues.  These studies are pursued using a model organism, budding yeast, and focus on events that occur in the nucleus.  More details concerning our ongoing work can be found on the Schultz lab website.
Lab Members:

Dr. Sonya Kujat-Choy  

Selected Publications:
1.  Robinson KM, Schultz MC. (2006) Chromatin assembly in a crude fraction from yeast cells. Methods Mol Biol 313:209-23.
2.  Friis RM, Wu BP, Reinke SN, Hockman DJ, Sykes BD, Schultz MC. (2009) A glycolytic burst drives glucose induction of global histone acetylation by picNuA4 and SAGA Nucleic Acids Res 37:3969-80.
3.  Lin LJ, Schultz MC. (2011) Promoter regulation by distinct mechanisms of functional interplay between lysine acetylase Rtt109 and histone chaperone Asf1.  PNAS 108:19599-604.
4.  Zaragoza D, Ghavidel A, Heitman J, Schultz MC. (1998) Casein kinase II regulation of yeast TFIIIB is mediated by the TATA-binding protein. Mol Cell Biol 18:4463-70.
5.  Ghavidel, A. and Schultz, MC. (2001) TATA binding protein-associated CK2 transduces DNA damage signals to the RNA polymerase III transcriptional machinery. Cell 106:575-84.
6.  Nguyen VC, Clelland BW, Hockman DJ, Kujat-Choy SL, Mewhort HE, Schultz MC. (2010) Replication stress checkpoint signalling controls tRNA gene transcription Nature Struct & Mol Biol 17: 976-81.
7.  Friis RM, Glaves JP, Huan T, Li L, Sykes BD, Schultz MC. (2014) Rewiring AMPK and mitochondrial retrograde signaling for metabolic control of aging and histone acetylation in respiratory-defective cells. Cell Reports 7: 565-74.