Our Disease Focused Research

Biochemistry is at the cutting edge of molecular discovery in disease processes

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​Aging​ ​


Cancer​ ​

Baksh, Bleackley, Brindley, Cass, Fahlman, Fliegel, Glover, Godbout, Goping, Holmes, James, Lemieux, Li, MacMillan, Michalak, Schultz, Spyracopoulos, Stone, Stuart

Cardiovascular/Heart and Stroke​ ​

Brindley, Fernandez-Patron, Fliegel, Lemieux, Michalak, Smillie, Sykes, Vance, Young, Zhang

Diabetes​ ​

Brindley, Fernandez-PatronHolmes, Lemire, Vance



​Immune Related Diseases​ ​

James, Stone, Touret

Metabolic Diseases​ ​

Casey, Fernandez-PatronJames, Lemire, Michalak, Schultz, Vance, Weiner

Microbial Pathogenesis​ ​

Ellison, Fahlman. Glover, James, Lemieux, Schultz

Mitochondrial Diseases​ ​

Goping, Lemieux, Lemire

Neurodegenerative Diseases​ ​

Casey, Glover, Lemieux, Lemire, Michalak, Vance​, Westaway, Wille

Obesity​ ​

Brindley, Fernandez-PatronVance

Ocular Diseases​ ​


Prion and Protein Folding Diseases​ ​

James, Kay, Michalak, Sykes, Westaway, Wille, Young

Viral Diseases​ ​

Schang, Tyrrell

​ ​Wound Healing

Many of our faculty are members of these research groups and institutes