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Congratulations to Ghazaleh Eskandari Sedighi

2nd Place in FGSR's 3 minute Thesis (3MT) Competition



Congratulations to our 
Leaders in Biochemistry

Graduate Student: Curtis Hodge (Glover Lab)
Covalent Inhibition of UBC13 affects ubiquitin signalling and
reveals active site elements important for targetting

Postdocs: Ray Amith (Fliegel Lab)
The Na+/H+ exchanger (NHE1) as a novel co-adjuvant target in
paclitaxel therapy of triple-negative breast cancer cells

(based on work published in 2015)

2016 Summer Students
​Student ​​Lab
Sungjoon Ahnn​ Michalak
​Jessi Bak Young
David Campbell Schang
​Prabhpaul​ Hwang
Renee Dicipulo​ Casey
Chandan Dhaliwal​ Overduin
Yesmine Elloumi Fliegel
Shelaine Fleck​ Wille
​Noori Gill Stuart
Raphaela Götz​ Wille
Stephania Irwin Touret/Lemieux
​Dickson Leung Fernandez-Patron
Jia (​Richard) Liu Schultz
Yilin Luo Lemieux
​Sayed Nuhad Madi MacMillan
Regan Mah Goping
​Maryam Paruk Fernandez-Patron
​Xu Qian Casey
Takshveer Singh​ Fernandez-Patron​
​Mark Soh​​ Overduin
Sonya Soh Overduin
Andrew Son​g Lemieux
Juliana Wang Fliegel
​Graeden Winkelaar Overduin
Samuel Yang Glover



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