Academic Staff

Shairaz Baksh
Assistant ​Professor (Adjunct – Pediatrics)
Tel:  780.492.3494
Focus: Common genetic immune system abnormalities found in Crohn’s, colitis and cancer, as well as early screening and treatment
​ ​Chris Bleackley
Bleackley702.jpg Distinguished University Professor
Tel: 780.492.3968
Focus: Mechanisms of cell-mediated cytotoxicity and apoptosis
David Brindley​ ​

Tel: 780.492.2078
Focus: Role of lipid second messengers in signal transduction

Joseph Casey

Tel: 780.492.7203
Focus: Bicarbonate transport in human disease

​ ​Carol Cass
Cass.jpg Professor Emeritus (Adjunct – Oncology)
Tel: 780.432-8320
Focus: Nucleoside Transporter Proteins:   Studies of their Roles in Nucleoside Biology & Therapeutics
Michael Ellison​ ​
Ellison.jpg Professor
Tel: 780.492.6352
Focus: Mechanisms of cellular regulation
Richard Fahlman​ ​

Associate Professor
Tel: 780.492.9566
Focus: Discovery of Novel Functions of small RNAs

Carlos Fernandez-Patron
CFP70.jpg Associate Professor
Tel: 780.492.9540

Focus: Biology of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in health and disease
Larry Fliegel​ ​

Tel: 780.492.1848
Focus: Regulation of intracellular pH via the Na+/H+ exchanger

Mark Glover​ ​
Glover70.jpg Professor
Tel: 780.492.2136
Focus: Mechanisms of regulation of gene expression
Roseline Godbout​ ​
Godbout.jpg Professor (Adjunct – Oncology)
Tel. 780.432.8901
Regulation of gene expression in the developing retina and in retinoblastoma
Ing Swie Goping​ ​
Goping70.jpg Associate Professor
Tel: 780.492.6130
Focus: The role of mitochondria and the cytoskeleton in programmed cell death
Charles Holmes

Professor & Chair
Tel: 780.492.8159

Focus: Regulation of protein phosphatases and phosphorylation

Peter Hwang​

Assistant Professor (Adjunct - Medicine)
Tel: 780.492.3006
Focus:  (1) Developing solution NMR for large protein complexes and membrane proteins. (2)Targeting the cardiac troponin complex to understand and treat heart failure.

​ ​
Rene Jacobs
Associate Professor
(Adjunct - Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Science)
Tel: 780.492.2343
Focus: understand the complex interactions involved in the etiology of obesity, T2DM and other chronic diseases.​

Michael James​ ​
James70.jpg Distinguished University Professor Emeritus  (2014)
Tel: 780.492.4550
Focus: Three-dimensional structure of proteins; hydrolytic mechanisms of proteinases
Cyril Kay​ ​
Kay70.jpg Professor Emeritus (1995)
Tel: 780.492.4549
Focus: Muscle contraction/relaxation: Protein de novo design
​ ​Joanne Lemieux
Lemieux70.jpg Associate Professor
Tel. 780.492.3586
Focus: Structural studies of membrane proteins associated with disease states
Bernard Lemire​ ​

Tel: 780.492.4853
Focus: The mitochondrial respiratory chain in disease and in aging

​Liang Li
LiangLi70.jpg Professor (Adjunct – Chemistry)
Tel: 780.492.3250

Focus: Analytical mass spectrometry (MS) for metabolomics and proteomics
Andrew MacMillan​ ​
MacMillan70.jpg ​Professor
Tel: 780.492.3813
Focus: Chemical and biochemical mechanisms of RNA processing
Ronald McElhaney​ ​
McElhaney70.jpg Professor Emeritus (2014)
Tel: 780.492.2413
Focus: Roles of lipids in the structure and function of biological membranes
Marek Michalak​ ​
Distinguished University Professor
Tel: 780.492.2256
Focus: Endoplasmic reticulum in health and disease
Rachel Milner
Milner70.jpg FSO Teaching Professor
Tel: 780.492.5550

Michael Overduin​ ​
overduin70.jpg Professor
Tel: 780.492.3518

Jonathan Parrish​ ​

FSO Associate Teaching Professor
Tel: 780.492.2866

Luis Schang​ ​
Schang70.jpg Professor
Tel: 780.492.6265
Focus: Protein kinases and other cellular factors in the replication and pathogenesis of viruses and prions
Michael Schultz​ ​
Schultz701.jpg Professor
Tel: 780.492.9144

Focus: Regulation of transcription and chromatin assembly
​Paul Scott
Scott701.jpg Professor Emeritus
Focus: Structure and function of extracellular matrix macromolecules
Leo Spyracopoulos​ ​
Spyrocopoulos70.jpg Professor
Tel: 780.492.2417
Focus: Structure and function of proteins involved in the protein ubiquitination pathway
Jim Stone​ ​
Stone70.jpg Professor Emeritus (2014)

Focus: Neoplastic transformation of cultured cells by dominant oncogenes
David Stuart​ ​
Stuart70.jpg Associate Professor
Tel: 780.492.7737
Focus:  Mechanisms of regulation of cell division

Brian Sykes​ ​
Sykes70.jpg Distinguished University Professor
Tel: 780.492.5460
Focus: Structure, function and dynamics of muscle, prion, membrane, and antifreeze proteins
Nicolas Touret​ ​
Touret70.jpg Associate Professor
Tel: 780.492.3513
Focus: Molecular Cell Biology of Innate Immune Receptors
Lorne Tyrrell
LorneTyrrell70.jpg Professor (Adjunct - Medical Microbiology & Immunology)
Tel: 780.492.6018
Focus: Study of hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV)
Dennis Vance ​ ​
Vance70.jpg Distinguished University Professor
Tel: 780.492.8286

Focus: Molecular and cell biology of phospholipid biosynthesis and function
Joel Weiner​ ​
Weiner70.jpg Distinguished University Professor
Tel: 780.492.2761
Focus: Membrane protein structure and bioenergetics
David Westaway
dwestaway70.jpg Professor (Adjunct – Medicine)
Tel: 780.492.9377
Focus: The use of genetically engineered “transgenic” mice to recreate and understand human neurologic disorders
Holger Wille​ ​​

Associate Professor
Tel: 780.248-1712
Focus: Structural investigations of infectious prions and other misfolded proteins

Adrienne Wright​ ​
Wright70.jpg FSO Teaching Professor
Tel: 780.492.8065

​ ​​Howard Young
Young.jpg Professor
Tel: 780.492.3931

Focus: Regulation of calcium transport in heart disease
​ ​Dawei Zhang

Associate Professor (Adjunct Pediatrics)
Tel: 780.248.1315
Focus:  Regulation of cholesterol homeostasis